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   You know those movies that leave you feeling like you sawsomething worthwhile? "Sugar & Spice" isn't one of them.

The plot centers around six high-school cheerleaders planning to rob abank. Another cheerleader narrates as she explains it to the cops. Yes, it is asridiculous as it seems.

It all starts when the star quarterback gets acheerleader pregnant. He sticks by her side and they plan to marry. Sounds likeeverything is going perfectly, right? One little problem: when they tell theirparents, they are thrown out of the house.

With the little money theyhave, they rent a crummy apartment. The quarterback takes a job at a video rentalstore and the cheerleader at a bank, but their minimum-wage jobs still leave themin debt. Desperate for money, the cheerleader and her friends orchestrate a planto rob a bank.

You'll have to see the movie to find out the ending, but Idon't think it's worth the $8.50. Throughout the movie there are occasionaljokes, but they made me cringe instead of laugh.

Bottom line: next timeyou and your friends are debating what movie to see, you can eliminate"Sugar & Spice" as a possibility.

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i love this so much!


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