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   Chris Rock movies are always funny, and his new flick"Down to Earth" is no exception. This movie combines Rock's outstandingcharm and wit with an absurd plot. Though the movie's storyline isn't that great,its humor makes up for it and is by far the best thing going. Because of mildviolence, language and suggestive themes, this film is PG-13.

The storyrevolves around Lance Barton, a rookie comedian searching for fame. Though heusually gets booed off the stage, he shows great perseverance. While biking homeafter a show, he is hit by a truck and finds himself at the gates of heaven. Hefinds out his death was a mistake, and negotiates with an angel to be placed inanother man's body - the pudgy frame of multi-millionaire Charles Wellington.Lance (now Wellington) faces many struggles in his new life. Eventually, a majorevent occurs and Lance is forced to switch bodies once again. As in mostcomedies, everything turns out all right in the end.

In this film, ChrisRock's talent shines. The jokes are appropriate and witty. It's easy to see thata lot of thought was put into the humor in "Down to Earth."

Ican't say the same, however, for the storyline. Except for the wholebody-switching business, the plot is very cliched. It follows a typical scenario:boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back. Though it is adequate, theplot could have used a little touching-up. It's a good thing the movie's humorovershadows the poorly developed storyline, but then, this is a comedy, not anepic drama.

Overall, this movie is fairly decent and well worth spending acouple of dollars on. It's good for a laugh or two (or three), but don't expecttoo much from it.

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