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   Adolescent girls dream about Freddie Prinze, Jr., and Iadmit his good looks initially attracted me to this flick.

In"Head Over Heels," Prinze stars as Jim Winston, an undercover FBIagent. Monica Potter is Amanda, a lovesick Renaissance art restorer. The girlswho go to see Freddie might, however, be disappointed by his scant screen timeand the lack of entertainment.

At times, the movie's mockery ofAmanda's roommates - four stereotypical models - and disgusting bathroom scenesare comical, but overall it needs more plot. I was bored from the beginning andeasily predicted the entire movie.

The "action" begins as Amandalooks across the street into the adorable Jim's apartment. She keeps a steadywatch on him and notices some peculiar behavior. After falling "head overheels" in love with Jim, she witnesses what appears to be a murder. Creatingnearly the only plot, Amanda and her four roommates investigate the possiblecrime and stumble upon some humorous mishaps. Inevitably, Jim and Amanda fall inlove.

I enjoyed the movie's humor, especially that provided by themodels, but corny dialogues detracts from its success. "Head OverHeels" is cute at times and full of beautiful people, but is definitely notworth 127 minutes of your time, or your money.

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i love this so much!


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