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   When I saw the previews for "Heartbreakers," Icouldn't wait to check it out, but it definitely isn't what I had hoped for. Itis not as funny as the previews, and some scenes that were previewed are not evenin the movie!

"Heartbreakers" is enjoyable, but missing thatspecial something that makes a movie good. It isn't a movie I would ever want towatch again.

Jennifer Love Hewitt and Sigourney Weaver do considerablywell considering the horrible script, but don't give the feeling that whatthey're going through is really happening. It seems like they are, well, acting.Both Hewitt and Weaver's characters fall in love, but there is no chemistrybetween them and their guys.

Most of the characters don't seem real. Themen are too easily manipulated and the movie portrays them as being objects womencan twist around their little fingers. The movie is probably more enjoyable forwomen than men.

"Heartbreakers" has a few laughs and a few goodparts, but basically it stinks. It has decent acting but a horrible script. Itdefinitely wasn't worth what I paid to see it.

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i love this so much!


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