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   I've visited Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, I thought I wouldenjoy the movie. I had heard great reviews and was eager to see how they made thetragic bombing into a three-hour movie. Let me just say that this is the longestthree-hour movie in the history of mankind.

The plot is typical: boy meetsgirl, boy falls in love with girl, boy gets killed, girl falls in love with boy'sbest friend ... do you see where I am going with this? Any more and I would giveaway the rest of the story (which isn't much). Somewhere in those three hours,there are about 30 minutes devoted to the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Yes, the nameof the movie is "Pearl Harbor," but the actual bombing seems to be theleast important part. I have to give them some credit, though, it seems prettyrealistic.

One thing really bothered me. History books say Pearl Harborwas bombed by a surprise Japanese attack in the early morning. In the movie,there are kids playing baseball, running around in their Sunday best, and cominghome from a pageant, all at eight o'clock in the morning! Those big-shotHollywood producers need to hit the history books because they sure do have theirinformation wrong.

The best thing about "Pearl Harbor" iswatching Ben Affleck fly a plane and act all heroic. For the guys, there arepretty actresses that make for "eye candy." So, if you can bear sittingin an uncomfortable chair for three hours watching a sappy love story, I suggestyou see "Pearl Harbor." But I'd bring a pillow if I wereyou.

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i love this so much!

Drake3151 said...
on Dec. 8 2011 at 10:22 am

All true but still a great movie...  its like a titanic on land i guess



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