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   "The Others" was written and directed by Alejandro Amenabar. It's rated PG-13because of certain theme elements and many frightening moments.

This is aclassic ghost story set in 1945 England, complete with haunted house. The filmprovides heart-pounding suspense and keeps the viewer riveted, delighting theaudience with a creepy, unexpected ending.

Nicole Kidman stars as Grace,the mother of Anne (Alakina Mann) and Nicholas (James Bentley). Other characterswho add dimension include three new servants hired by Grace (the servants whoused to work at the house are mysteriously no longer there).

Mrs. Mills(Fionnula Flanagan) is a middle-aged Irish housekeeper, a know-it-all whoconstantly talks behind Grace's back. The gardener, Mr. Tuttle (Eric Sykes), Mrs.Mills' confidante , is slow-moving and quite dull. Elaine Cassidy plays Lydia, amute girl who's afraid of her own shadow.

The story begins after World WarII; we learn that Grace's husband has been declared missing in action. Grace ishigh-strung, lonely, and unable to cope with the responsibilities of caring forher family. She is obsessed with religion, often reading the Bible.

Kidman does a superior job of creating a character on the edge ofdementia. In fact, none of the characters has a personality you would callheroic. Each is a bit odd, bordering on insane.

When Grace begrudginglyhires the servants, she tells them about her bizarre rules. In the house thereare 50 doors with 50 locks, and each must be locked before another can be opened.She explains that the curtains must always be shut because her children are soallergic to sunlight that, if exposed, they could die.

The theme of thefilm is their belief that their mansion is haunted. Anne convincingly insiststhat there are ghosts and claims to have seen them. Mann and Bentley both givetremendous performances, with Mann's character displaying elements of evil andbrattiness. She tortures her timid brother with claims of a ghost being rightbeside him.

Besides the claim of seeing spirits, there are other strangehappenings including sounds in the night, missing curtains and even a pianoplaying by itself. The movie most definitely convinces the audience that thereare others living in the fog-engulfed mansion.

"The Others" is aspooky, mysterious thriller that moves slowly at times, but then hits you withastonishing scenes that make you jump out of your seat. With most of the movie inalmost complete darkness, it gives you that strange feeling in your stomach thatmakes you feel like anything can happen at any moment.

This film willkeep you entertained throughout. And, you'll be amazed to discover you hadabsolutely no idea what the reality of the story was when you're confronted withthe surprise ending. Watch for "The Others" on video.

This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This piece has been published in Teen Ink’s monthly print magazine.

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