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   In "Life As a House," Kevin Kline, with the help of a strong supporting cast, gives his best performance yet (certainly it's Oscar-worthy). This movie tops the charts and is the most amazing I have ever seen. It's thatgood!

As George Monroe, Kline leads the way on an emotional journey whileteaching his es-tranged family - and the audience - the truth about life, and thelesson that every individual must shape him- or herself.

"Change canbe so constant. you don't even feel the difference until there is one," hetells his son, Sam (Hayden Christensen), a 16-year-old druggie who doesn't careabout his family, only his next fix.

In the beginning, George not onlyloses his job but is also presented with the news that he has a terminal illnesswith only four months to live. He realizes he has thrown his life away and thathe has only this short time to get back everything.

First, he decides tobuild the house of his dreams on a cliff overlooking the Pacific, replacing hissmall shack that is surrounded by wealthy neighbors and their upscale homes.Second, he decides to involve Sam, which leads to including Sam's mother, Robin(Kristin Scott Thomas) and soon George's neighbors are even lending ahand.

"Life As a House" is poignant and tender. It helps theaudience realize the control we each have over our own lives, and that it's nevertoo late to change. Kline and Scott Thomas give extraordinary performances as adivorced couple with a rare attachment and a special relationship. Their desireto lead more passionate lives seems to spill over to the rest of the characters,changing each who becomes involved with building the house. Metaphorically,"Life As a House" demonstrates how easily you can transform yourself,once the decision to do so is made. By tearing down a shack and building hisdream house. George really rebuilds himself and his family.

Aside fromthe film's touching veracity, there is a humorous side, dry and blunt, that alsomakes the movie fun to watch. The dialogue glides along with ease, keeping theaudience engrossed. The scenes come together like a puzzle, like the skeleton ofa house that finally resembles a home.

I recommend this movie to anyoneand everyone. I've seen it twice and it is worth the price of the ticket. Whenyou leave the theater you will be overcome with a sense of magnificent bliss thatonly a movie as touching as this one can spark.

Although dismal at times,the movie offers a beautiful heartbreak. It will change your outlook on life. Irealize now that life is short, we have to grasp our dreams and fearlessly seeklove and happiness. A beautiful story told through phenomenal acting, "LifeAs a House" is possibly one of the best films of the year.

This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This piece has been published in Teen Ink’s monthly print magazine.

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