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   In my little town there is nothing to do on NewYear's Eve, so my friend and I headed to our local theater to see "TheMajestic." We had seen commercials for it and didn't anticipate a fantasticshow - after all, Jim Carrey was the lead - but we went anyway. I'm glad we didbecause it was the most touching, heartwarming, feel-good movie I've everseen.

Drama, mystery, romance - "The Majestic" has it all. Setduring the uncertainty of the 1950s McCarthy Trials, this movie chronicles oneman's journey to find love, happiness and the true meaning of loyalty.

Peter Appleton (Jim Carrey) was living a successful life as ascreenwriter about to make it big in Hollywood. His whole world falls apart whenfederal agents knock on his door accusing him of Communist acts. His project isshut down, he's fired, and his girlfriend leaves him. In a bubble of despair,Peter decides to drive up the California coast to see where life takes him.

In the midst of a storm Peter swerves off a bridge and plunges into amurky river. After a desperate struggle he escapes, but hits a rock and isknocked unconscious. An old man and his dog discover him and take Peter to thesleepy town of Lawson. It is here that Peter, who has amnesia, is mistaken forLuke Trimble, a local boy reported missing in action during World War II. Most ofthe town's folks, including Luke's father Harry, are sure that Peter isLuke.

Before the war Luke and his father ran the town's movie theater, TheMajestic, but after Luke's disappearance Harry could no longer bear to keep itgoing. With Luke's return the town, including Luke's old sweetheart, helps toreopen it. For the first time since the war, the town is full of life. Then Harrysuffers a heart attack and dies. This is especially difficult for Peter since hehas grown close to Luke's father.

By this point Peter has realized who heis, but doesn't know how to tell the townspeople. Instead, federal agents alertthe town when they come to take Peter away for crimes of Communism. Even thoughhe knows he is not a Communist, Peter faces a difficult decision. The endingsurprised me.

"The Majestic" is a beautiful story with superbperformances that tug at viewers' hearts and emotions. It takes you back to atime in America when people helped and cared for each other. As for thoseromantics out there, there is a sweet and tender love story between Luke and hishometown sweetheart.

My favorite part was the constant intrigue. I keptwondering if Peter really were Luke since he matches everyone's memories of Luke.As the viewer I knew better, but this conjecture changes when one character posesthe idea that perhaps Luke lost his memory during the war, lived an entirelydifferent life for nine years, lost his memory again, and by fate ended up in hisbeloved town.

Most wouldn't expect Jim Carrey to be capable of pullingoff a completely serious role, but he does it magnificently. I am astounded athis believability as this character. An inspiring, poignant and thoughtful storyline as well as this powerful performance by Jim Carrey make "TheMajestic" the best movie of the year.

Two hours after entering thetheater on New Year's Eve, I left with a calmer, happier perspective on life. In"The Majestic" I found not only entertainment, but also heart-warminginspiration and a better outlook on the world. We have all seen movies we willremember because they changed our view of people, gave us hope, and made usthink. This is one of those unforgettable movies.

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