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   TV,radio, film - just about everywhere you look, there she is. Britney Spears'slatest endeavor was to make the leap from pop star to movie star.

I hadthe thrill of attending the New York première party for"Crossroads" in New York City, followed by a private reception withBritney, her then-boyfriend Justin Timberlake of *NSync, the Spears family, andHollywood and music executives.

In "Crossroads," Britney playsLucy, an A student trying to please her demanding single dad (Dan Aykroyd). AsLucy's high-school graduation night ends, she agrees to meet her childhoodfriends to uncover their wish box buried years before. The girls decide to setout on a road trip, each with her own wish to fulfill. For Lucy, it is to findthe mother who abandoned her. They travel cross-country with a handsome mysteryman, and the movie culminates with each girl coming to terms with herfuture.

"Crossroads" gently touches on serious topics includingsingle parenthood, date rape, teen pregnancy and sex. Its reality reaches theaudience, since many can relate to the issues Lucy and her friends are strugglingwith. Loyal Britney fans and non-fans flocked to see "Crossroads" inrecord numbers and the movie ranked in the Top 5 after the first week intheaters.

What will Britney do next? Stay tuned - she's "not a girl,not yet a woman," but she is certainly on her way to movie stardom!

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