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   Some films are either remembered for being absolutely fantastic or ridiculously awful.Others are immediately forgettable. "Dragonfly" is in the lattercategory.

Joe (Kevin Costner) is an ER doctor who thinks his wife,(Susanna Thompson), a doctor who died in Venezuela while trying to helptribespeople, is trying to contact him. The signs? He keeps seeing dragonflies,which she loved. Also, her former patients draw squiggly pictures and say shewants him to go there.

Commercials make this film look like a chillingthriller, but it is anything but. All the "scary" parts are in thepreviews, which means there are four, and are a waste since the film uses cheaptricks.

The acting is, at times, incredibly bad. Whatever happened toKevin Costner? He used to be one of the best actors around. (If you don't believeme, watch 1990's "Dances with Wolves.") Lately, he is a big joke, withfilms like this and "Waterworld."

"Dragonfly" usessome annoying tricks. In the beginning, the camera rotates around the charactersa lot, which is dizzying and quickly got on my nerves. At other times, the soundis much too loud and the film feels way too long.

"Dragonfly"concludes with a completely unfitting ending, one resembling something you wouldsee on Lifetime. It seems tacked on, and the only reason it ends this way is toleave the audience with a warm, fuzzy feeling.

Don't bother with"Dragon-fly." It isn't worth your time or money. The only thingfrightening about this film is that someone let it be made.

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