Radio Review

October 9, 2008
Radio is an amazing movie with a message that is important for all ages. The movie is about a mentally disabled man (Cuba Gooding Jr.), whom everyone calls Radio, since he loves listening and looking at the insides of radios. Walking by the high school one day he sees the football team practice. He was treated badly by some of the members, so Coach Jones (Ed Harris) came and helped him.

Coach Jones felt bad about the way his players treated Radio, so he tells Radio that he can come by football practice and help out the team. He ends up coming every day, and in his own way becomes part of the team. Almost everyone on the football team and at the high school becomes attached to Radio. This really exposes the theme of acceptance in the movie.

Some other themes or messages from the movie that stuck out to me were: to be accepting to others even if they aren’t like you, to not look at what’s on the outside, but where their heart is, others need love more than you sometimes realize, and just a little bit of friendship means a lot. Radio is jammed packed with emotions and is a great film to enjoy. This movie probably isn’t the best for little kids, because they might not understand it. Other than that, this is a movie with so much meaning and emotion it will make you want to laugh and cry. I think anyone would love it, just as I did.

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