Tropic Thunder

October 9, 2008
By Patricia Soto, Chicago, IL

Tropic Thunder is a fun exciting movie that will have you jumping out of your seat. Thrill, excitement and laughter will reach your heart.
Tropic Thunder is about 5 guys that are actors, in which are reenacting Four Leaf who is a Vietnam veteran. He made a book called Tropic Thunder which is the basing that they are basing the movie on. Tugg Speedman, Kirk Lazarus, Alpa Chino, Jeff Portnoy and Kevin Sandusky are the 5 stars that are acting in the movie. They “behave unreasonably, resulting in a $4 million explosion going off with no cameras shooting. With filming a month behind schedule only five days into shooting, the media dubs the production "the most expensive war movie never made".”-
Damien Cockburn who is a rookie director is told to get the movie finished or Les Grossman would shut it down.
Leaving Cockburn in a state of distress he is convinced by Four Leaf to put the “spoiled” soldiers in the middle of the jungle, where the real war was. They installed hidden cameras and some “special effects explosions” so he can make the movie realistic."
Cockburn gives them only a map and a list of the scenes so they could get to the helicopter at the other side of the jungle. After Cockburn takes all of the electronic devices he steps on a French land mine. The only problem is that Lazarus is the only one that realizes Cockburns’ death was real.
I think this is one of the funniest war movies that I ever saw. Although it is rated “R”, it has a lot of excitement and funny laughing. The movie is directed by Ben Stiller and produced by Stuart Cornfield, Eric McLeod and Ben Stiller. One of my favorite parts of the movie was when Cody (Danny McBride) was supposed to set off the bombs found out that “Four Leaf” was a fake and never lost his hands in battle he just lied about the whole thing. Another one of my favorite parts is when the director steps on the French mine and one of the soldiers thinks that it is a fake death so he tries to prove it to them.

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