‘Camp Rock’ Is A Fun Family Movie

October 9, 2008
By Anonymous

A great movie for the whole family to watch is the Disney Channel movie, “Camp Rock.” “Camp Rock” is a movie about a girl, Mitchie, going to a music camp. At the camp, she meets an egotistic pop star, Shane, and tries to change his attitude towards others and his music.
Also, in the movie, Mitchie gets caught up in popularity drama and refrains from being true to herself and to her music. That is, until a secret is revealed about Mitchie which makes Shane angry and sad.
In the end, Mitchie has a choice of being herself or being lost in a clique. To find out which Mitchie chooses, watch “Camp Rock.”

What’s My Rating?

This is a good movie because it teaches kids to be yourself and to be different and not to care about what anyone else thinks. It teaches kids that you don’t have to be popular or famous to be happy.
It also has very good music and great singers/actors. Out of four stars I give “Camp Rock” three and a half stars.

The Great Actors

Demi Lovato, who plays Mitchie, is a new actress. She’s been on a mini-series before but never had a lead role in a movie. Also in the movie are the Jonas Brothers. They are a top-selling band who love music and loved doing a Disney movie. They are Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas.

Behind The Scenes

The cast really enjoyed working together. Kevin Jonas who plays Jason, Shane’s band mate in the movie, says he enjoys being an actor as well as a musician. “The progression from moving from music to acting has been really great because we love acting in our music videos and all that. It’s been, really, a lot of fun!”

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