October 8, 2008
By Rose T., Aurora, IL

“That’s a goo’ one!” is one of James Robert Kennedy’s, more widely known as Radio’s, favorite things to say. This is definitely true about this movie.

Radio (played by Cuba Gooding Jr.) is a mentally disabled young man that watches the football practice everyday at Hanna High School in Anderson, South Carolina.

One day the football coach Jones, who is played by Ed Harris, sees Radio and decides to offer him food and water. This one small act of kindness starts a lifelong friendship between the two.

Part sports story, part drama, this is a tale of a kind and caring young man who acts all the time the way we wish we could act even some of the time: with pure goodwill. And it is a story of a football coach that with exceedingly strong determination helps Radio to get the education and social life he wants and needs. Radio and Coach Jones face many hardships together, including bullies and school inspectors. But they always brave it out. And soon, everyone grows to love Radio, despite his mental disabilities, because he is so thoughtful and caring.
With its magnificent storyboard and motivating ending, this movie shows the meaning of true friendship, and that anyone should be able to achieve anything – if they set their heart to it. This is a very inspiring movie and I give it 4 out of 5 stars. The director is Michael Tollin and he did a very good job of making movie watchers connect with his characters. It is rated PG for mild violence, but I still recommend this movie for viewers of all ages.
Based on a true story, Radio is a heartwarming tale that will make you think twice before you judge people by their looks or abilities.

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