October 8, 2008
By Aleasha McCord, Washington, NJ

So, last Sunday my mother wanted to take my sister and me to see a movie. We had been seeing this trailer for a cute little kids movie called Igor that we had wanted to see. I know, my sister and I are both in high school but it looked like a cute move and we like cute movies.
So we get to the movie theatre and grab our seats waiting for the movie to begin. As the lights grow dim and we settle back to enjoy the film I think of how my aunt said it was a cute little movie and my two young cousins really liked it. Mind you, they are LITTLE BOYS. So you know they like gross things.
So this Igor lives is a place called Malaria, yes folks I said Malaria. As in the disease. Well as I was saying, It started out with the main Igor telling you how Igor’s were the workers of the mad scientists and how he really wants to become a scientist but he couldn’t because of the unfortunate hump in his back and you kind of start to feel bad for the poor fellow. But then in the first part of the movie his master, who isn’t very bright, blows himself up and the only thing left is his arm. That is not very appropriate for little kids, but obviously my two little cousins loved it.
So as the movie unfolds they have many other rather disgusting parts in it like the rabbit that is totally suicidal. That is just wrong for a little kid’s movie. And the evil guy is pretty “sexual” for a character, even and evil one, in a kid’s movie. They also have a lot of sexual innuendos throughout the movie.
All in all my sister and I had a good time and we do not think that it is truly a bad movie, just that some scenes in it are mildly inappropriate for those who are of the younger crowd.

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