October 8, 2008
By Hannah R, Aurora, IL

Did you ever feel that the whole world was against you and every body shrouded you with the arrogance and disrespect, just because you weren’t like everyone around you? Then, out of the blue, somebody pulled you out of the darkness and showed you the sweetness and under standing that every person needs, and deserves.

Radio is a film based on the true story of a mentally challenged young man portrayed by Cuba Gooding Jr. and his dear friend Coach Jones (Ed Harris). The two battle their way through troubles caused by Radio’s presence, while trying to win the football championship. Although people were not fond of him, his caring persona drives respect to everyone at Hanna high school. He never was able to communicate well, yet out of the care for him they made him part of the school.

As for the coach, he has to wedge his graduating daughter into the mix of all the things he values. And he still as to defend his buddy Radio from the school board and the cruel treatment he was given before. The film is truly heartwarming and beautiful. Showing respect and friendship over comes all. Be careful this is rated pg for mild violence. But don’t let that stop you from seeing this wonderful movie.

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