October 8, 2008
Imagine that you were made fun of just because you were different well that’s how James Kennedy (a.k.a Radio) a developmentally challenged young man, felt. Radio is a heart touching story of a high school football coach caring for Radio. Radio is a funny terrific young man that most people just see as mentally challenged they don’t see his great personality except Coach Jones who took care of Radio when the students at the school made fun of him and even locked him in a storage closet. My favorite part was at the football game when Coach Jones went out on the football field and was arguing with the referee and Radio followed and started yelling to it was hilarious. In my opinion this was a five out of five star movie the writers went above and beyond in the feelings in this movie. The actors did phenomenal. Radio was rated for mild language. It was based on a real story. In the end there was a happy ending after the suspense of waiting to see what would happen to Radio.

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