October 8, 2008
By Morgan Lerner, Aurora, IL

Radio is a fun movie with an important moral. Radio is a mentally challenged boy who is misunderstood. At first he treated as a problem and as if he’s not a real person. He’s played by Cuba Gooding, Jr. who is not mentally challenged but does a wonderful job playing Radio. When Radio meets a high school football coach, played by Ed Harris, he is finally noticed for the great person he is. Radio’s natural humor and great personality was never noticed because people thought he was different and never gave him a chance. While Radio couldn’t speak very well once people took the time to get to know him they understood what he said.

As soon as Radio saw the high school football team practicing he was instantly fascinated. At first he is the center of cruel jokes from the football team boys but the coach is set on making things right. Soon everyone befriends Radio and even though he had caused a few problems he is finally accepted. Not everyone is so friendly to him though. A few people are blind to Radio’s good heart and won’t even try to accept him. Radio has gone through some tough times. First with the death of his mother and all the times when he was treated badly you would think it would make him less friendly, but no. Radio is a great person and in the end he becomes everyone’s friend and inspires everyone to be a better person.

Over all I enjoyed this movie and would recommend it to others. This is great if you’re looking for a movie away from all the super powers and want your everyday, unexpected hero. Radio is for an audience of any taste in movies and it’s something anyone can relate to even a bit little. This movie is rated PG but I think it’s for an audience of any age.

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