October 7, 2008
By Vimig Socrates BRONZE, Aurora, Illinois
Vimig Socrates BRONZE, Aurora, Illinois
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He’s goin’ for the 20, the ten and it’s a touchdown! The movie Radio, directed by Michael Tollin, is one of the most amazing movies of all time. The MPAA rating was PG for mild language. I would give this movie a (3½ out of 4). It has the right amount of football action and drama. This truly is the best game plan in movie history. It is very emotional but also pretty thrilling too. With excellent actors like Ed Harris and Cuba Gooding., Jr. this is an amazing sports movie. It has a rich plot with lots of ups and downs.

Coach Jones is a renowned football coach and teacher. He also has a good heart. When some of the team members decide to torment a poor, defenseless, mentally challenged boy, they unleash the Coach’s fury. This turn of events leads the coach to want to make it up to the boy and tells him to come by practice whenever he wants. This soon becomes every day. The coach then becomes good friends with the young man he named Radio, for his ability to take apart radios. After awhile everyone starts to like radio except for one boy whose father is Frank and Frank is the one person that thinks Radio’s involvement of the coach’s time will be fatal to the football season of the school.

Frank’s son keeps trying to get Radio in trouble, once by making him go into the girls’ locker room. But in the end even the boy accepts Radio. He quotes, “Radio isn’t the problem dad” when he is talking to Frank about his friendship with Radio. There is a pretty interesting way the movie was ended and it makes it all worthwhile. This movie is a rather different take on how disabled people can affect us all greatly, because it used football as example. It was a really admirable movie.

Radio is played by Cuba Gooding., Jr. who has been a creditable actor in many movies. He has been in Daddy Day Camp which he played really well. I don’t think many other people could have had the right amount of comedy and seriousness that Gooding managed. That movie was a great comedy and very different from Radio but Gooding still did a great job with it. He also acted in Snow Dogs where he was a young well-accomplished dentist and he goes to Alaska to find out why he was put up for adoption. He was a amazing actor in this movie too and it is a very good family movie.

With such instrumental characters and actors like Gooding and Harris this movie was bound for success but it couldn’t have been done without the sports enthusiast who as the director, Michael Tollin. He has only made sports movies and has lots of experience. This is a good family movie and should be watched by all. It shows us not to judge a book by its cover and that it’s the inside that counts.

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