October 7, 2008
This wonderful movie is heart touching and inspiring. Radio is played by Cuba Gooding Jr. and Coach Jones is played by Ed Harris. Radio is a disabled person who wonders around a small town and collects radios. This movie takes place in a small town where everyone knows everything about everyone else.

As Radio is passing the high-school and watching the football team a football flies over the fence Radio takes it and walks away. The next day Coach Jones showed up to football practice he heard someone almost crying, he looked in and he saw that the football players had tied up Radio , from there on Radio and Coach Jones basically do everything together. Radio and Coach Jones end up like father and son, until some people in the town go against having Radio around their kids, but Coach Jones stuck with Radio and never gave up. I think that the moral of this story is that kindness doesn’t have a time limit, and anyone can be a friend if they put their mind to it. This movie I very much recommend, I give it four stars. Next time you go to a movie store see if they have Radio, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. This movie was phenomenal.

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