October 7, 2008
By P G, Aurora, IL

Radio is a heart touching movie. Radio, the movie teaches everyone a lesson about accepting people the way they are. “It’s never a mistake to care for someone,” is what Radio’s mother says. I agree with what she says because if you care for someone else they will also care for you. It is just like Coach Jones who cares for a mentally challenged person nicknamed Radio. This movie takes place in a small town in South Carolina.

Radio (Cuba Gooding Jr.) befriends Coach Jones (Ed Harris) who coaches the small town’s high school football team. Radio was a misunderstood person who was treated like junk since he was mentally disabled. But soon Radio becomes a brother -like person to almost everyone he knows. Radio goes through some tragic events that have changed his life, but he overcomes them. Coach Jones became a big part of Radio’s life because he was always there when Radio needed help. Radio became a big part of Coach Jones’s life.

Radio is a very enthusiastic person who always cheers on the high school football team at football games. He is also very obsessed about radios. Cuba Gooding Jr. did a very good job of acting as Radio who changes into a very out going person over time. Coach Jones made everyone realize that Radio is a person who is just like anyone else. Coach Jones was the kind of person who made the right choices such as befriending Radio. Ed Harris did an outstanding job portraying a caring, thoughtful person.

I would give this movie a rating of two out of four stars. Radio didn’t contain any action, which disappointed me. This movie is not for anyone who likes action, thriller, horror, and/or comedy movies. Radio is a movie full of drama, adaptation, and sports. The movie’s running time is one hour and forty-nine minutes. It is rated PG bye the MPAA. Radio is a pleasant movie to watch with family.

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