Radio Movie Review

October 7, 2008
By Niharika Aitha SILVER, Aurora, Illinois
Niharika Aitha SILVER, Aurora, Illinois
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Are you looking for a good movie? Do you like emotional movies that involve
sports? Then "Radio" is the movie for you! This movie is a heart-filled and
heartwarming movie about a disabled boy named Radio, who is played by Cuba Gooding
Jr. and a high school football coach, named Coach Jones, who is played by Ed Harris.
Radio is a person that many people notice, not because of how he is on the inside, but
because of his disabilities. Radio also goes to the football field of T.L.Hanna High
School everyday with a cart of junk which contains things that he finds on the way to
there, like radios. He really likes radios. Then one day, Coach Jones notices him, and
decides to go and talk to him. After they get acquainted with eachother, Coach Jones
finds a different person in Radio that no one apparentely saw before. I thought that they
were really connected throughout the whole movie. Coach Jones shows Radio a whole
new world of football and french fries! Radio goes through some rough patches in the
movie, when the football team decides to take advantage of him and tells him to go in the
girls' locker room, and his mother's death. Radio feels really upset about getting bullied
and losing his one and only guardian, but Coach Jones supports him with love and
affection. The football team slowly realizes that they were wrong for taking advantage of Radio.

I think that Cuba Gooding Jr. and Ed Harris really connected throughout the
whole movie. I had to give Gooding two thumbs for acting so well as a person with
disabilities! Ed Harris also acted really well as a football coach/mentor. This movie is
approapriate for people ages 9-whatever age becase there was some bad language used it
the movie. I would give this movie 5/5 stars because it gave us,the watchers, a really good
message of how not to judge people by their appearance. Also, the movie told me that
disabled people aren't really different from regular people. They just need a little extra
help to acheive their goals. This movie, "Radio" is a movie that could change your point
of view on disabled people, and it also can change your opinion on bullying people.
Everybody should watch this movie because it will make you realize something that,
maybe you never realized.

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