October 4, 2008
By James O, Aurora, IL

3 stars is my rating for this touching movie. I was absolutely impressed with Cuba Gooding Junior’s ability to switch from the comedic role in Rat Race, to the touching role, of a mentally challenged man in the movie Radio. This PG movie really taught me how hard life can be for other people. In this movie we learn about a man who collects radios and loves to listen to music, when Coach Jones (Ed Harris) comes and starts helping Radio, the radio collector, by putting him in school. All the students at the high school are instantly friends with this man who is placed in the eleventh grade. The school board keeps trying to take radio from the school but Coach Jones won’t stop trying to keep him there. This man soon becomes an assistant coach for the football and basketball teams at the school, but, a man from the barber shop, which Coach Jones visits regularly for coffee, sees Radio as a distraction to his son who is on both teams. This is a really touching movie, so be warned, bring your box of tissues.

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