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   So often movies are released that do nothing morethan distract an audience for two hours. Their sole purpose is to line thepockets of the actors, studios and theaters. But, a few times a year, a moviecomes along worth a lot more than the price of admission and a few hours of yourtime. "Changing Lanes" is easily worth far more than the price I paidto rent it.

Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Affleck star in this thriller. It'sthe story of two men on one Good Friday whose lives become intertwined after aminor accident on the freeway.

Doyle Gipson (Jackson) is a recoveringalcoholic rushing to a custody hearing. He is feeling great because he has a goodjob and just secured a loan to buy a house. Gavin Banek (Affleck) is a successfulyoung Wall Street lawyer married to the daughter of his firm's senior partner.He, too, is rushing to the courthouse when the two men end up swapping paint inthe middle of the highway. Doyle, not wanting any legal problems, tries toexchange insurance information and do everything by the book. Calvin, on his wayto a $100 million case, is impatient and offers Doyle a blank check to coverwhatever damage was done. Calvin gives up trying to pay for the damage and drivesoff, leaving Doyle standing with no car in the middle of thefreeway.

This small accident sets the stage for a day in whichboth men sink to unbelievable depths to exact revenge, causing them to evaluatetheir morals and make them "change lanes" in theirlives.

Jackson and Affleck give wonderful performances, and the directormasterfully shoots sweeping angles and tight close-ups that allow the audience tofeel the frantic emotions. Both Jackson and Affleck have lengthy monologues thatdisplay their talent, but what makes "Changing Lanes" better than 99percent of the films out there are the supporting actors. Veteran actors SydneyPollack [who is also a well-known director] and William Hurt give this movie itstrue depth. This is a film that will make you reflect on your own morals and askyou to consider how far you would go to satisfy your ego. .


This movie is rated R.

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i love this so much!


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