Ender's Game

November 21, 2013
By h18etcast BRONZE, KEAAU, Hawaii
h18etcast BRONZE, KEAAU, Hawaii
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Ender’s Game is a si-fi action movie about the race to find the best solider to lead the second war against the enemy buggers. In the movie Ender Wiggin (played by Asa Butterfield) starts off as a thirteen year-old boy who is in a program to find the worlds next best solider. As compared to the book where he is a six year-old that, gets his monitor taken out. I thought that Ender had blonde hair like in the cover off the book, but he has black hair in the movie. Some of the settings were not as graphically explained at all, or not a vivid as the book described all of them. The main theme and the most important point of the story was that showing the innocence of a kid and that the burden that he is given by destroying an entire race, and how badly it can affect some one at an early age. It shows the trust worthiness that children have as compared to adults. It was necessary to create the ultimate leader against the buggers. But in the movie, the stronger message was that it is much more important to have Ender broken as a kid to win the war, because even though there would have been nothing left of Ender after the war. With out him there would have been nothing of the left of the world after the war. The theme was that you must do any thing it takes to win the war, or survive. Some major or important events that were different than the book was that bean was introduced very early into the movie. In the book when after Ender defeated the giant and was on Eros, he found a shape of the giant’s body that he killed and the sideways castle. As in the movie when Ender found the fallen down castle on Eros, the movie did not show or mention any thing about the decaying body of the giant that he slayed. Once scene that was not mentioned and really stood out to me was the part when Ender and Bean were arguing about if Bean deserves a toon to lead. Also all of the other times that Bean and Ender would fight with each other, because the whole movie Ender and Bean were best friends. Another thing that was changed was that Ender was supposed to be a six-year old boy at the beginning of the movie when he got his monitor ripped out of the back of his head. Also how Ender progressively got older in the story went on in the book. In the book it mentioned how Ender would spend hours during his free time to study the video clip of the final bugger battle. But the closest thing that happened like that in the movie was one scene when he saw the video for the first time, and the second scene when Mazer Rackham showed him the rest of the video. the last scene that I could remember that was changed was when Alai kissed Ender on the cheek. Asa Butterfield was the boy that played Ender Wiggin. I thought he would have had blonde hair like in the book cover. I thought Ender was more out spoken and was a little bit more confident in the way he carries him self.

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