Ender?s Game

November 22, 2013
Enders Game, an intriguing book that had me hooked as soon as I started reading it. But eventually the book, to me, got a little boring towards the ending. The process of winning the war was slow moving and some of the book didn’t even make sense. As soon as the movie came out, I just had to see it. Asa Butterfield played Ender Wiggin in the movie. In my opinion, he played that role well. A young boy that was so intelligent and brilliant that he could overcome almost any problem or issue that he was up against. In both, the movie and the book, he seemed like one of those “goody-too shoes”. It seemed like he was always looked up to by most of his fellow peers. I guess that’s why Sergeant Graff and the rest of his colleagues chose Ender to be sent to Battle School. Harrison Ford, playing Sergeant Graff, believed from the very start that Ender would be the one. The one that everyone would follow into battle, the one that could think faster than the formex, and the one that would finish the war.

On the launch to battle school, there were quite a few other “launchies” besides Ender. He sat next to the person that would most likely end up being one of his best friends, Bean played by Aramis Knight. In the book, Bean was a “know-it-all”. It seemed like Ender felt like he was in competition with him. Which is really funny because everyone else but Bean followed Enders every command. But in the movie, Bean was an ally and a friend to Ender. Not to mention attractive, so said a lot of my peers when we went on our field trip to watch the movie. I guess the “IF” or “International Fleet” saw something in Ender and gave him a promotion. A promotion to move up to the “Salamander Army”. The leader on this team just so happened to be Bonzo. Bonzo played by Moses Arias took his job as a commander very seriously. He wouldn?t let anyone out of line.

Petra, or Hailee Steinfeld, was one of Enders new teammates on the “Salamander Army”. I take it Bonzo had a slight crush or something on Petra. When Petra showed a hint of affection for Ender, Bonzo stepped in and tried to play “Mr. Aplpha”. But Petra and Ender didn’t let that stop them. Petra and Ender would sneak out in the middle of the night to train and practice for upcoming battles with other armies in the battle school. Ender rebelled against him and continued to see Petra, it was not long after that Bonzo found out. Well he held up his end of the bargain. Ender didn’t listen so Bonzo thought he would do him a favor, and teach him a lesson. He snuck into the boys locker room with two of his friends. While Ender was trying to shower, Bonzo threatened him to come out and fight him. Ender being the smart one that he is, turned on the hot water and stood behind the shower head. He antagonized Bonzo so that he would try to come and fight him. When Bonzo decided to come for him, Ender angled the water so that it would burn him. When it did, he tried to sneak but Bonzo cornered him. Eventually they fought until someone fell. Bonzo ended up cracking his head open on a step and Ender felt like he was turning into Peter, his brother, and he hated that fact.

In my opinion, this was a really good, interesting movie but the book could’ve been better. I would recommend watching the movie. I rated this movie a nine out of ten. I really enjoyed watching this movie, especially with my peers.

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