Ender's Game

November 22, 2013
By Malia Clarke BRONZE, Keaau, Hawaii
Malia Clarke BRONZE, Keaau, Hawaii
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Ender’s Game is a book in the Si-Fi genre by Orson Scott Card. It’s about a boy named Andrew “Ender” Wiggin who had to defeat an army, that looked like ants, called “Buggers”. It begins in the far future where space is comfortable to mankind. After Ender stops his bullies from ever bulling him again, Colonel Graff and Major Anderson whisk him off to Battle School. In Battle School, when they’re first brought there, they’re called “launchies” and they're normally around six when they start to train to become commanders. To become a commander he had to help the others around him and learn how to become a leader. In one point of the book, they trained inside a room with no gravity. They trained with no gravity because that’s how they would fight the Buggers in space. Since they’re the top children in the world, they had to create battle strategies and work well with their armies.

Everyone, even the launchies, knew he was the best. He became so good that they moved him to the Salamander Army where he accidently “iced” Bonzo. Iced is when they are forced to move back to Earth because they’re either hurt or they broke the rules. Then he has his own army, called the Dragon Army. After he gets better, he goes to command school where they teach him how to be a commander, but its on Eros, a new planet. On Eros he has a personal trainer, Mazer Rackham. The person who has been the greatest commander because he used his brain and figured out how to defeat the buggers. Also he trains by playing games that’s a simulation of the real battle that he thinks he’s going to fight in. He has his friends in his army and on the last day of the “game” he ends up actually blowing up the buggers planet and killing a bunch of buggers without actually meaning to. At the end he admits that the queen of the buggers has been sending him messages and kind of playing with his dreams. He finds her and the next queen. Ender ends up understanding why she sends him the dreams and messages, to save the race of the buggers. So Ender goes on a trip to find the perfect place for the bugger race to be continued and so that humans and buggers can interact in peace and live together. So that’s the summary of Ender’s Game. I think the director cut out a lot of the good parts in the book because the movie needed to be shorter and couldn't drag out or else the audience would get bored.

When I think of the differences of both the movie and the book, there’s a lot that I find different. For starters they didn’t have a lot of characters like Crazy Tom and Rose the Nose and a lot of the other characters. I also imagined Ender to be shorter and more like a six year old, but he looked more like twelve or fourteen. Also, Peter didn’t look anything like Ender and neither did his mom and dad. Peter had blonder hair and Ender had more reddish brown hair. Valentine was the person that I thought matched the description in the book. Also, in the book, Dap was supposed to be like their mom. But in my opinion, he was more like a regular army commander but nicer by a little bit. The movie also left out a whole chunk of the book where, Demosthenes and Locke sort of took over the world and then retired. I also would have liked if they put in the part where he joined the Rat Army because that’s when they showed him become more experienced in become a commander. Also, they cut out a lot of the training with Petra and Ender. I would choose the book over the movie any day because the book is so much more descriptive and the movie was just cutting out major parts. I didn’t like the movie because they cut out so many good parts. But of course you’d have to watch the movie and read the book both so you could make your own choice.

The author's comments:
I saw the movie and read the book so I hope that you understand that it's just my opinion

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