The Four Feathers MAG

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   "TheFour Feathers" is a fictional account of the British presence in Sudan inthe late nineteenth century.

Heath Ledger plays Harry Faversham, a youngEnglishman who attends military school in Britain. An opening scene shows himplaying rugby which parallels war, since both teach trust, teamwork and skill.Most important, it brings out courage - or cowardice.

When Harry's unit isassigned to a post in Sudan, he questions the Queen's motive. After resigning hispost, he receives a box from friends with three white feathers of cowardice. Hisfianceé gives him the fourth. To regain his honor, Harry travels to Sudanto prove his courage.

The battle sequence depicting the British regimentforming a defensive square against the enemy is great. After the enemy flees, theBritish rejoice and rout them. Much to their astonishment, a British cavalry unitcrests the hill. Little do they know that their "comrades" are reallySudanese horsemen disguised in dead British soldiers' uniforms.

All inall, the movie was pretty disappointing, and I am going to read the book.Hollywood just seems to ruin the experience.

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i love this so much!


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