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Ender's Game

November 21, 2013
By Vincent Araujo BRONZE, KEAAU, Hawaii
Vincent Araujo BRONZE, KEAAU, Hawaii
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Ender’s Game (by Orson Scott Card) is a book about a boy who must train to defeat an alien race of giant bugs.

Andrew Wiggin “Ender” is a six-year-old boy who is chosen for his intelligence, compassion, and ruthlessness in battle. He is a third, the third born, in a future where thirds cost money and charged more taxes. He is taken to Battle School in space. He trains for a long time to become a commander. He starts as a Launchie, the newbies, and is hated automatically for his intelligence. He slowly moves up the ranks to hopefully become a commander. Then he gets transferred to Salamander Army where he is casted aside for his lack of skill, but is traded off to Rat Army where he learns more formations and battle skills. He trains long and hard and is awarded with the rank of Commander and is given his own army, Dragon army, and an- army that had been taken out because Dragon Army never won a battle. He was given a group of misfits and losers that he was unable to trade off. He turned his pathetic army into the best army throughout battle school. They never lost a single battle, but it was tough. They even had to battle two armies at once but they still came out on top. After many hard battles, Ender graduated to Command School. Once he graduates he goes to Command School, he must travel to the planet Eros. He trains and trains. One day he finds a man sitting in his room and after some struggles, he learns that the man is Mazer Rackham the only person to defeat an entire fleet of Buggers. Mazer is his teacher but also his enemy. Ender battles him in the simulator with the help of his friends, a chosen few that will help him in the simulations. On his final battle, he must fight a battle that is staged around a planet. There are thousands of enemy ships, and ender soon realizes that he has no chance so he goes for the planet and destroys it. The effect of the Little Doctor, a weapon that causes a chain reaction, has a devastating effect on the planet. What Ender doesn’t realize is that he just fought the third invasion and destroyed the bugger’s home planet. If you want to hear the rest of the story, you need to read the book or watch the movie

The movie was not as good as the book. The book was more detailed than the movie. In the movie there were many things missing and the characters were really messed up and really off from the book. In the movie, there were a lot of things missing from battle school. They didn’t show him joining Rat army and Ender went through battle school in a few weeks. In the book it took him years to get through battle school and he joined multiple armies before becoming Commander. When he gets his army in the movie he only fights a few battles, but in the book he fought many battles and many armies.

In the book, the characters are pretty messed up. Ender should be 6 years old but in the movie he looks 14. Bean was supposed to be introduced later, when Ender gets his army. A lot of things were different in the movie. The theme in the movie and the book was basically the same but a lot of the details were messed up or taken out. One thing that was different was that in the game, Valentine was there and after a few tries Ender already killed the Giant. Also, a lot of things were missing from the game. The movie was missing some things but the overall theme of the movie matched the book and most of the characters were the same, or at least in the movie and not cut out completely.

Overall I think the book was better because it was more detailed and it had more stuff in it. The movie was missing things and overall kind of boring. I didn’t really like the movie and I thought the book was way cooler and way more interesting. I recommend the book if you want a good story.

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