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   Basedon a Japanese manga (comic book),"Ghost in the Shell" was originallyreleased in Japan in 1995.

Bateau and Motoko Kusanagi are on the hunt forthe Puppet Master, who has been hacking into the ghosts (or minds) of governmentofficials. During their investigation, Motoko questions her humanity becausealthough she has a human brain, her body was constructed by a company. Perhapswhat makes us human is not our genetic structure, but our intangible memory. Asthe Puppet Master says, "Memory cannot be defined, but it definesmankind."

This animated movie breaks the boundaries of traditionalanimation and looks at what computerization does to society. What if anon-biological life form could be created by a computer program? Bateau andMotoko feel human because they look human and are treated that way, but would alife form such as Data from "Star Trek" be treated as such?

From a technical point of view, "Ghost in the Shell" is juststunning. The characters are so well drawn, with convincing voice actors. Veryunconventional animation techniques are used, with a lot of computer animationthat makes it so seamless, it is hard to tell where one starts and the otherends.

"Ghost in the Shell" is certainly not for everyone. It hasan unusually intelligent plot, and thought-provoking themes, but still enoughaction and humor to keep it entertaining. It is a believable look into ourfuture, and as long as you can follow it, and don't mind nudity or violence, thisis perfect for hardcore sci-fi fans and people who like philosophy. My brotherclaims it changed his life.

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i love this so much!


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