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   I saw "Daredevil" on its opening night, and it was definitely not worthall the hassle of getting tickets. It was cliché and predictable; it triedto be funny but failed. The script is terrible. At least the acting is good, asis the story line. The producers just did a bad job carrying it out.

Themovie begins with the end and the main character having a flashback of his life.As a kid, Matt Murdock was smart but often beaten up. He lived with his dad, aformer champion boxer. One day, after witnessing his dad beating up a man formoney, he runs off crying and has an accident that leaves him blind. His othersenses, though, are strengthened, especially his hearing. Because his dad is soashamed for inadvertently causing Matt's blindness, he promises to work hard andbecome a champion boxer again, and Matt promises to study really hard. They bothachieve their goals, but predictably the father is killed at his peak. Matt getsmad and seeks revenge, thus Daredevil is born.

If it sounds like a goodplot, I would agree. But I cannot stress how bad the jokes and the sequence ofevents are. It was poorly conceived and moves very slowly. The movie alsocontradicts itself a number of times. I'd say, skip it.

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i love this so much!


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