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   Teenagerap sensation Lil Bow Wow does a superb job in the lead role of "LikeMike."

Calvin Cambridge, an orphan who desperately wants to beadopted, is one unusual kid. In love with basketball and the hometown team, theKnights, he practices every day with dreams of playing in the NBA.

Whenthe orphanage gets a donation of old basketball sneakers (which turn out to beMichael Jordan's), they're passed onto Calvin. When they get a magical spark theymake Calvin play just like Mike. The Knights' scout notices Calvin when he takeson his star player at a publicity stunt game of one-on-one, at half time. WhenCalvin amazingly wins, he's signed with the Knights, though it's only supposed tobe for publicity. When the coach sees Calvin really can play, he's on the courtevery single game and steering the team toward the playoffs.

But what ifsomething happens to Calvin's shoes? Would anyone still consider him an All-Star?And will he ever have the family he so wants?

This movie has some amazingactors, even when they are not technically acting. Alan Iverson and Jason Kiddstill put their moves on in the movie the same as in the realNBA.

"Like Mike" is an extraordinary movie that is good for thewhole family. There are special serious parts that are heartwarming, but it isalso a comedy. If you want action and excitement it has that too, with moves onthe court you have never seen a 4' 5" kid do before.

I recommend"Like Mike" if you're looking for a basketball comedy to start yournight off with some laughs.

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i love this so much!


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