Die Another Day MAG

By Sam C., Groton, MA

   Many James Bond films followthe same plot, which involves Bond getting the girl and beating the villain, butthe latest 007 flick has much more to offer.

One of the twists of"Die Another Day" is that it features Bond being tortured - hisvulnerability is rarely seen in Bond films. Another difference is that the femalelead (Halle Berry) is really a female version of Bond. Berry 's character is aCIA agent named Jinx (born on Friday the 13th). Unlike most Bond girls, Jinx isno damsel in distress and can do everything 007 does (she even has a few gadgetsof her own).

Another new element is the incorporation of items from other007 movies. When Mr. Bond visits Q (John Cleese) in his laboratory, props from"ThunderBall" and "Octopus" are dispersed throughout the lab.Many fans will get a kick out of the relics and old one-liners in "DieAnother Day."

Some might argue that the Bond films are dying out,and that new films like "Die Another Day" don't live up to theirpredecessors. The director of this installment, however, tries to add new twistswhile keeping the features audiences like most.

Bond films are alwaysevolving and adapting to appeal to new as well as old viewers. "Die AnotherDay" adds new perspectives, carrying out the James Bond legacy in modernterms.

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