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   Michael Caine has a historyof quality performances in a variety of supporting roles. In "The QuietAmerican," though, he is given a chance to shine as the lead, which he doesimpressively.

In this adaptation of Graham Greene's novel, Caine playsThomas Fowler, a British journalist reporting on the early stages of the VietnamWar in 1952 Saigon. Fowler has grown so accustomed to his temporary home that hehas taken a mistress, Phuong (Do Hai Yen), a much younger former dancer.

His comfortable lifestyle is interrupted by American aid worker AldenPyle (Brendan Fraser), who finds himself falling for Phuong and believing he canprovide for her better than Fowler, whose wife will not grant him a divorce. Thestory plays on to uncover a few surprises and even a murder that proves nothingis as it seems.

What makes "The Quiet American" a great movie?Many elements, but the mellow direction of Phillip Noyce and the superb script byChristopher Hampton stand out, as do the amazing performances by Fraser andespecially Caine.

All around, this movie is good, though some might say abit slow. Watching it, you'll find yourself sinking into your chair and gettinglost in a world of love and mystery.

This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This piece has been published in Teen Ink’s monthly print magazine.

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