October 7, 2008
This movie blew up my mind, literally!! The suspense, the action, the sadness and grief was priceless. This movie is one of the best. If I had to rate this I would give it a five star performance.
The movie “Radio” is based on a true story. Radio in the movie is not like our regular normal person. He is mentally disable and is not fluent. Besides that, Radio is very loving, helpful, respectful, and has a wonderful personality. In the movie Radio was being tricked and fooled several times throughout the time he walked onto the field and when he left for 11th grade. Ed Harris (The coach) was like a mentor for Radio. He would be with him through rough times. Ed H. didn’t have a lot of together moments with his family. He would act like Radio was his own son. Ed H. had one daughter who cared for Radio even though she knew that her dad cared more about Radio then he did his daughter.

The movie Radio is rated pg. I would say it might be suitable for young children. In the movie it does say a couple mild bad words. Its genre is Drama. It is 109 minutes long. Some main characters of the film are Cuba Gooding Jr. who plays an outstanding performance of Radio. Also Ed Harris who played the coach was outstanding.
The director himself… Michael Tollin, give him a numerous number of applause. He was terrific, a master mind I would say. He really knows how to put the audience on the edges of their seats. Michael T. in my opinion is a very sincere person. He also comes to mind by how he wants his cast to perform. I would just love to meet Michael Tollin himself and ask a few questions.
The movie Radio made me want to start crying… yes it was that good people, you would probably cry too. It is very depressing. Radio loses his mother and loses all his courage, that’s about how far I am going to get into the movie. You would have to go see for yourself.
If you think of the movie Radio it clearly has a message. Well I think that message is to be helpful to those in need, no one is perfect. Everyone has a flaws. I really think everyone should see this movie. Other movie that you can see that are a resemblance to Radio are Remember the Titans.

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