The Pursuit of Happyness

October 31, 2013
By Jessica Tian BRONZE, Pottersville, New Jersey
Jessica Tian BRONZE, Pottersville, New Jersey
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The Pursuit of Happyness
What is happiness? This is a question have been asked so many times. I do not know the answer. Maybe everybody just wish can get happiness. And all of us think it is hard to get it. But if you change your mind you will know maybe the happiness just behind you. Just wait for you. Waiting for you to work hard and then find it out. If you can believe your dream and work hard for it you will see the light of happiness.

"The Pursuit of Happyness" is a simple inspirational movie. It doesn’t have pretty actors, fancy pictures, touching music, but can also attract you read on law-abiding, because it has well enough story, plain but not mediocre!

The hero of the film is a single parent Chris Gardner. When he was a child he never saw his father. He saw his father first time was when he was 28. So he made a decision to protect his son. His dream is being an investment expert.

In the hardest part of his life, his wife left him. Then, he can't pay for the rent of their house. So he and his son can just live in the shelter. He tried to endure 6 months of unpaid internships; at the same time he must sell medical instrument to live.

There are two things I remembered clearly and deeply.One is when Chris to see graffiti in the "happyness" spelling error, he said these words: “There is no y (y or Why) in happiness, there is ‘i’.” Yes, there is no why in happiness, but us. We must believe we can make happiness by ourselves not ask others or just ask questions. We should really do something to get our own happiness.
Another one is when the movie started, Chris was in the crowd jamming the streets. Of the smiling faces pushing forward only his was bewildered and helpless. And towards the end of the film, Chris was in the same place; look left to meet the emotional tears and applause for his rallying. In the calendar through suffering, sorrow, abandonment, abjection, helplessness, despair, after Chris with patience, hard work and attitude of never giving up in exchange for part of his life, the good old days. So in the moment through the probationary period, Chris is happy.

After I finished this movie. I can just think about how he can do that. Why he can keep his dream for a really long time, even though he doesn’t have a place to sleep tomorrow; even though he has no money to eat the next dinner. I think there was something in his mind that just believe his dream, and do everything that he could for it. In the movie, Chris talks to his son: “Don't ever let somebody tell you, you can't do something, not even me.” I think we should always remember this sentence.

Persevere, persist for a while more, maybe on the corner of the next intersection you will see the light of happiness. Do not give up your dream, that is your wish, is your eternal pride. Never let other people look down on you, you should prove to someone who said you could never do something that you can do it, you can live better than anyone else.

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