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By Anthony V., Scottsdale, AZ

     In an effort to bring to screen the comedy andtragedy of St. Thomas à Becket, director Peter Glenville offers aspectacular portrayal of this timeless story. The wonderful acting and greatscreenplay (adapted from Jean Anouilh's play) make the 1964 film one for theages. It is a magnificent achievement of movie-making, proving that a great storycan live on.

In the early 12th century, King Henry II, who had invadedparts of France, rules England. The movie is set during a period of rebuildingfor France, while bitter animosity continues between Henry and his advisor,Thomas à Becket, a man of Saxon descent with great ambition. The two havebeen close friends since childhood, but realize their political differences afterthe king appoints Becket Archbishop of Canterbury.

Peter O'Toolemagnificently portrays the morally weak King Henry. Richard Burton plays theperfect foil as Becket, who is down-to-earth with a life centered around hiswork. These actors are still regarded as two of the greatest ever. Without them,the movie could have been just another B flick.

The realism of the timesmay be lost to many. The costumes and scenery make the movie feel very authenticto its period.

One of the few drawbacks, its lack of special effects,makes "Becket" drag in parts. There is not much filmmakers were able doin 1964, but "Becket" was nominated for 12 Academy Awards.

Iurge everyone to rent this movie. I can almost assure you that you willhave a great time.

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