Big Fish MAG

By Kyle F., Murray, UT

     "Big Fish" is a spell-binding, feel-good story, starring Ewan McGregor and Albert Finney. Staying true to his roots, Tim Burton astonishes crowds and critics alike with the story of Edward Bloom, a courageous lad who finds his small-town life incompatible with his big-world dreams and seeks to discover his way of life elsewhere. On his journey, Edward finds a whole array of characters and places leading to the heart-wrenching ending that audiences will remember for the rest of their very own adventures.

"Big Fish" is an amazing movie, perhaps Burton's best, and the score includes amazing music composed by Danny Elfman. The fantasy mood set by Elfman provides a grand adventure for a little guy and makes the mood even more emotional.

I give five stars to this movie, a classic to add to the rest of Tim Burton's unprecedented tales. In a word, "Big Fish" is captivating.

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i love this so much!


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