Office Space MAG

By Brian H., Dudley, NC

It was a Friday night,
I was bored and dreary,
Then I saw,
This DVD clearly.

I always knew
That it was there,
But quite frankly,
I did not care.

I heard it talked about
And mentioned on the net.
Then some guy said to me:
"You'll like it, I bet!"

So I forked over two dollars,
And I hoped for the best.
I was putting this movie,
To the ultimate test.

I put in the DVD,
I realized it had it all.
I watched it multiple times,
And quoted it in my school's hall.

With Jennifer Aniston's acting
(Which wasn't the best),
And Ron Livingston's comedy
(Must I say the rest?)

From the producers
Of "Beavis and Butt-head"
And "King of the Hill,"
This movie has momentum
That no one could kill.

So, go and rent it,
I dare you all.
I can almost guarantee
That you will have a ball.

"Office Space" is rated R,
So it may not be suitable for all.
But always, in my book,
"Office Space" is number one!

This movie is rated R.

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i love this so much!


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