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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

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Journey Into The Hobbit

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is a suspenseful fantasy adventure film. It is based on the book The Hobbit published in 1937 and written by J.R.R Tolkien. It is the first of a three-book trilogy. The movie was released in theaters 14 December 2012 and has a running time of 169 minutes or two hours, 49 minutes.

The Hobbit is set in the time of Middle Earth and takes place mostly in rough wilderness, with the occasional cave or grand kingdom. The movie begins with a Hobbit name Bilbo Baggins, who has lived a comfortable and easy life, until Gandalf the Grey tricks Bilbo into hosting a gathering of fugitive dwarves. During the meeting Bilbo is deceived into joining the dwarves and Gandalf in a journey to Lonely Mountain, the old home of the dwarves that was stolen by a terrible dragon. Now they must travel to the mountain to reclaim their home, while also being careful of the troubles that appear along the way, including being hunted by an old enemy, Azog, the orc chieftain.

The characters were well played by the actors. Whenever they showed strong emotions or even when they were being light and funny their acting seemed sincere. Martin Freeman played Bilbo Baggins, Ian McKellen played Gandalf the Grey, Richard Armitage played Thorin, the dwarves king, Ken Scott played Balin, Thorin’s right hand man, and Manu Bennett played the evil orc chieftain, Azog.

The movie was an incredible adventure that was violent and action-packed at times and then beautiful and peaceful at others. It pulled me into the story and filled me with suspense and excitement. The music and scenery were matched incredibly well, both of them beautiful and amazing. The dialogue was witty and made me think deeper into the meaning. The only fault I could find was the length of the movie, but there was more detail and action because of it. Many lengthy movies would be tiring to sit through and would usually drag on, but The Hobbit had plenty of action to keep it going.

In the beginning of the movie, Bilbo does not believe going on an adventure is a brilliant idea, and the dwarves only fuel his doubt by saying a Hobbit does not belong with dwarves and would only be a burden to them. If Gandalf had not convinced him, Bilbo would have probably never come at all. In the end Bilbo realizes that he had been wrong to doubt himself and that he should live up to his potential. It is a moral to live by. Someone should not underestimate themselves, even when they are sure they can not do something.

This is a film that both men and women in their teens and older would enjoy. It has some violence, gore, and adult humor, so it probably would not be a movie for younger children.

I would give this four out of five stars

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