The Bourne Supremacy MAG

By Virginia M., Glendale, AZ

     "The Bourne Supremacy," adapted from the Robert Ludlum novel, is the sequel to the hugely popular "The Bourne Identity."

I was extremely impressed with this movie. It contains a gripping storyline that includes corruption, deceit and a little love story thrown in for good measure. The characters possess real human qualities. If you're looking for a sugar-coated plot and perfect characters, this movie is not for you.

Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) seems to be having some pretty difficult days. Damon does an excellent job of portraying a character filled with conflict and guilt. Julia Stiles has a small role but definitely leaves her mark. The movie, shot on location, also immerses the audience in the beautiful scenery of India, Italy, Germany and Russia.

This movie is essentially a cat and mouse game, so I suggest seeing "The Bourne Identity" before this sequel. If you're into movies with depth, incredible action sequences, and some of the best actors in the biz, this is a must-see. Trust me, it is money well spent.

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