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By Kristell S., Charlotte, NC

     From Columbia Pictures, "Enough" stars Jennifer Lopez as Slim and Billy Campbell as Mitch, and was the thriller of 2002.

Slim, a waitress, meets and marries the man of her dreams. She lives a seemingly perfect life with her daughter and husband until she finds out that Mitch is cheating on her.

When confronted, Mitch becomes violent and controlling. Concerned for her child’s safety, Slim decides to take off with her daughter. Mitch hunts down and threatens her, then twists the law to his advantage by arranging a custody hearing. Slim, knowing that the law is not on her side, decides to join rigorous self defense classes to fight her former husband and let him know that she has had enough!

A PG-13 movie, it contains domestic violence and some sensuality. The director includes drama, violence, romance and suspense all at once. It is considered a thriller, although it contains many other themes.

"Enough" is satisfying but very cliché. To me this movie shows a real-life situation but gives it a twist by emphasizing that women can get back on their feet. Jennifer Lopez, with her great acting, makes the movie believable and entertaining. I recommend it!

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i love this so much!

starboy BRONZE said...
on May. 19 2010 at 12:20 pm
starboy BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
3 articles 0 photos 8 comments
this movie was good jennifer lopez is a good actress


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