O Brother, Where Art Thou? MAG

By Alex D., Ivesdale, IL

     “O Brother, Where Art Thou” is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen! The Coen brothers (who directed “Fargo,” “Raising Arizona” and “The Ladykillers”) wrote a clever script deserving of its Academy Award nomination. The movie also received a nomination for best cinematography.

Based on Homer’s Odyssey, “O Brother ” does a great job tying together Greek and early American mythology. Set in Mississippi during the Depression, the film also includes real people and organizations like George “Baby Face” Nelson and the KKK.

The story begins with three jailbirds: self-centered Ulysses “Everett” McGill (George Clooney), short-fused Pete (John Turturro) and dimwitted Delmar (Tim Blake Nelson) all of whom escape from jail in search of a treasure Everett buried. The valley where the treasure is buried, though, is supposed to be flooded in four days. The trio encounters several obstacles, many mirroring mythology (including the devil at the crossroads and John Goodman as a huge Cyclops). The actors do a fabulous job playing the parts.

This is a great comedy, although it contains violence and language that make it inappropriate for younger viewers. The music is also remarkable because not only is it background music, it is also part of the storyline. I really liked this film and hope others will enjoy the twists, turns and comedy that will make you want to see it again and again.

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