American Beauty MAG

By Caitlin B., San Antonio, TX

     “American Beauty” is by far one of the most amazing films I’ve ever seen. It’s essential for teens to see because it touches on the most complicated taboos in society. This film breaks every boundary with an intimate and entrancing story of a man who finally comes to terms with the superficiality of his life. Despite it’s R rating, parents should actually encourage the viewing of this film, and watch it too.

Kevin Spacey stars as a middle-class man who no longer loves his wife, has a practically nonexistent relationship with his teenage daughter, and has a job he hates. Finally collapsing under everything, he becomes enlightened after an unacceptable crush on his daughter’s provocative cheerleader friend. He starts working out, quits his job, becomes jogging buddies with his gay neighbors, and starts smoking marijuana in his garage. We can’t help but feel free and horrified at his startling transformation. What must it be like not to care what other people think and finally live life for what it’s worth, for what it gives us?

After a series of unexpected twists, lies, betrayals and realizations, the story arrives at a shocking ending that evokes feelings of every nature and thoughts that cause you to review your own life and ask: have I made it worthwhile?

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i love this so much!


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