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By Jesika B., Canfield, OH

     “In Good Company” is a wonderful, light-hearted movie to watch on a rainy afternoon. This comedy reflects what it is like to experience stress at work while dealing with mid-life family changes. Opening during a typical morning for a middle-aged father of two teenagers, Dan Foreman (Dennis Quaid) soon finds his life completely changed. He learns he is now an expectant father and faces a demotion at work when Carter Duryea (Topher Grace), though half Dan’s age, becomes his new boss.

This is not a deep, philosophical movie, and if you watch it late at night, you are bound to fall asleep. It is not exactly boring, but the plot is somewhat slow and has little suspense. It is more of a feel-good comedy with a few chuckles.

Though similar to “Jerry Maguire,” “In Good Company” lacks the kind of humor that will make you roll around on the ground with tears streaming down your face. It is, however, an easy movie to watch, and the fact that it is not the most entertaining thing in the world may be forgotten.

The acting reflects the talent and dedication of Dennis Quaid and Topher Grace who, by the way, are especially fortunate in the looks department. Scarlett Johansson, who plays Foreman’s daughter, demonstrates talent too.

The soundtrack which includes Franz Ferdinand’s “40 Ft,” adds flare to the movie. It seems to fit extremely well with the plot and the feel.

Though the cinematography leaves something to be desired, it is not particularly bad. All in all, “In Good Company” is a mediocre film that I would not run to the store to rent or purchase, though I am happy to have watched it.

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