White Chicks

September 10, 2013
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White Chicks

My movie that I picked is White Chicks. White Chicks is about two detectives who always seem to fail at things, so the Chief, Eliot Gordon, gave them one last chance! Their mission was to pick up the heiresses that are Brittany and Tiffany Wilson protects them from a kidnapping plot and takes them to the Hamptons. The Wilson sisters were very rich and high class people due to their father being a tycoon. So Kevin and Marcus Copeland are on their way to the Hamptons but on their way they get into a car accident and the sisters get scratched up face and nose. The spoiled sisters could not be seen in public with their scars, so Marcus and Kevin disguise themselves as them to protect their jobs. The public later realize that it was them, but they save the day! The movie was written by Claudio Carvalho and directed by Keenen Ivory Wayans.

I think the movie is super funny! It is absolutely worth watching and will make you laugh every single time that you watch the movie! I give the movie a 45 stars. The reason not 55 is because the beginning was kind of boring and has no purpose. Even though it is funny I think they could have made the first thirty minutes more interesting. SO if I was a movie rater I would give it four out of five stars. My favorite part is when they are at a club. At the club they have a dance off with Heather and Megan (rich sisters) and end up winning the dance! It was funny!

In Conclusion, this movie is extremely funny and I would recommend watching it! This is absolutely my favorite movie and I will continue to watch it.

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