The strangers

September 10, 2013
By north middle BRONZE, Martinsburg, West Virginia
north middle BRONZE, Martinsburg, West Virginia
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The Strangers
This movie is about a couple who stay in a guy; James parents cabin out in the middle of nowhere. When the guy steps out to get a cigarette the girl starts to hear strange noises coming from the kitchen. Long story short there are three people dressed up in mask terrorizing this couple, because they were home. The writer of this movie is Bryan Bertino. Bryan stated that movie was based on from a true crime book called “Helter skelter. The film was originally titled ‘’the faces”. He also said that the film was inspired by the keddie cabin murders of 1981. One last thing that inspired film was 1970’s horror movies. He also got an idea for the movie that actually happened to him. When he was little a stranger came to his door asking for someone who wasn’t there. He also stated that later that night empty homes were broken into in his neighborhood. The reason I chose this movie is because kids my age love scary movies. Strangers is a perfect scary movie because it’s not scary for kids my age, although I don’t recommend it for kids under 12 or 13. I also do not recommend watching it alone. There are some jump scares in there every now and then. I have seen strangers more than three times if you watch it more than once you won’t be afraid the next time you watch it. The perfect time to watch this movie is on Halloween when you’re not going trick or treating. If you go and see this movie I hope this review helps. The reason I like this movie is because I love to watch scary and horror movies a lot. If you go and watch the strangers I hope that you enjoy it a lot.

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