The Conjuring

September 10, 2013
By North Middle BRONZE, Martinsburg, West Virginia
North Middle BRONZE, Martinsburg, West Virginia
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The movie “The Conjuring” is about a family who moved to a haunted farmhouse. The land around the house was cursed. The movie was released into theaters on July 19, 2013. The producer, James Wan’s purpose of making this movie is because he didn’t want to make another ghost story or another supernatural film. He never had the chance to tell a true story that’s based on real-life characters and real-life people. Those two things are what mainly led him to making “The Conjuring. The Perron Family moved into a destroyed farmhouse in Harrisville, Rhode Island. The first day went fine but, their dog Sadie wouldn’t enter the house. They left their dog outside chained to a tree. While they were unpacking they played a game called “Hide-and- Clap”. One of the five daughters hides in a closet. When she was found, she found a boarded up entrance. The next morning, Carolyn woke up with a mysterious bruise on her leg. One of the daughters, April goes outside to check on Sadie and found her dead. After the first day nothing was normal. Things started to get worse when Roger goes away to Florida. The next day, Carolyn contacts paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren for help. The investigators came to a conclusion that the house needed an exorcism performed. They researched the houses history and discovered that it once belonged to a woman who was accused of being a witch. Her name was Bathsheba; she tried to sacrifice her children’s lives to the devil. She then hung herself in 1863 after cursing everyone who bought the land. The land was divided up and there were reports of murderers and suicides in the houses that were built on the divided land that was once a part of the property. Ed and Lorraine returned to the house to gather evidence so they would be able to perform an exorcism. Cindy (one of the daughters) sleeps walks and revealed a secret passage behind a wardrobe in her sister’s room. Lorraine goes in the passage and falls through the floorboards and lands in the cellar. She sees spirits who Bathsheba possessed to kill their children. One of the other daughters gets attacked. The Perron Family left the house and stayed in a hotel. They take the evidence to the church to organize the exorcism. Carolyn gets possessed Bathsheba and takes two of the daughters back to the house. Everyone else rushes to the house and finds Carolyn trying to kill Christine. Ed attempts to perform the exorcism himself because the pastor isn’t close by. Carolyn gets away again and tries to kill the other daughter. Lorraine distracts Carolyn of the past memories the family had together and brings Carolyn back. That allowed Ed to complete the exorcism and saved the family. The Perron family moves a farmhouse. The land is cursed and everything started getting abnormal. They started to notice odd things in the house. The owner of the land that the farmhouse was on was cursed by an accused witch. Carolyn went to ask paranormal investigators for help. They did research on the house and looked for paranormal evidence. Carolyn gets possessed by the witch. She was cursed to kill the child. They then went after her and performed an exorcism to save the family.

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