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Star Trek Into Darkness Review

J.J. Abrams, director of not only Star Trek(2009) but also the upcoming Star Wars Episode 7 film, returns to bring us the latest installment of the Star Trek Franchise. Only one thing to say: "Beam me up Abrams"

Star Trek Into Darkness continues the voyages of the crew of the Starship Enterprise, and when a one man army known as John Harrison(Benedict Cumberbatch) wrecks havoc for Starfleet, Captain James T. Kirk leads a man hunt to bring this man to justice.

One of the thing that this film does well is that it gives every character in this film to shine. Everyone in this film has thier own great moments. Another thing that drove this movie was seeing the crew mature from the first film. Kirk is no longer rebellious, as he TRULY shows us why he deserves to be the Captain, as well as Spock dealing with both his human and Vulcan side of him.

Some of the new cast members in this film brought their own thing to the table. Peter Weller(aka Robocop) shows us that he still has the acting chops, and undeniably beautiful Alice Eve potrayed her character just fine, as well as these characters are greatly develop.

However, none of them could compare to the truly brilliant performance of Benedict Cumberbatch(of Sherlock fame) as John Harrison, as he portrays undeniably one of the best Star Trek villains of the franchise. Cumberbatch delivers a truly menacing, smart, intellectual, and memorable part in this role, as his character of John Harrison is truly amazing. Not only did his character have a terrific motive, but he adds more layers than he needed. His performance was so well that I wanted to root for the villain. Benedict Cumberbatch truly delivers the best portrayal of a Star Trek villain since Ricardo Montalban in Wrath of Khan. A future awaits for Mr. Cumberbatch.

The reason why this film works, the reason why this film is possible to be great is because of J.J Abrams directorial efforts. Not only does he satisfy die-hard Trekkies, but newcomers as well. He delivers a film that is smart, efficient, and an action packed thrill ride that is visually and emotional griping. This film is also well paced, thoughtful, and caring film with many twist and turns. The Force is strong with Abrams, and I look forward to Star War Episode VII.

So Star Trek Into Darkness is a satisfying sequel that is well thoughtout, well acted(specifically Benedict Cumberbatch) and an action packed thrill ride that will not only please Star Trek fans, but newcomers as well. Star Trek Into Darkness is AWESOMETACULAR

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OakwoodCat said...
today at 9:13 pm:
I love it! Good job addressing different parts of the movie, you did very well! Keep writing!!!
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