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By Courtney L., Poland, OH

     Good-bye double, double, toil and trouble and hello, with the wrinkle of a nose. Oscar-winner Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell make magic happen in this 2005 release. “Bewitched” not only recreates some of the TV show’s episodes, but adds a whole new feel and sparkling romance.

Instead of taking place in the late 1960s, it is set in the present. When his studio decides to remake the TV series “Bewitched,” Jack Wyatt (Ferrell) is the first to jump at the chance of playing Darrin. When searching for a normal woman with the perfect nose to play Samantha, Jack stumbles upon Isabel Bigelow (Kidman) and begs her to take the part. Little does he know that she is actually a witch in search of a normal human life.

When the two fall in love, Isabel decides to admit the truth to him. Let’s just say Jack’s reaction is atomic compared to the original Darrin’s.

Besides the wonderful romance, the humor cannot be beat. Isabel’s struggle to manage in the non-magical world is quite difficult as she tries not to use magic and to prove her father, Nigel Bigelow (Michael Caine), wrong about love.

Magic aside, Jack is desperate to recover from the terrible reviews he received for a pathetic movie he starred in. Though he tries to trick Isabel into playing a less-than-worthy version of Samantha, thus making “Bewitched” all about Darrin, Isabel quickly sees through his game and revenge sets in.

This couple’s energy and chemistry are apparent throughout, from friendship to vengeance to their romance. From Isabel’s side-splittingly hilarious abuse of magic - and words - to Jack’s crack-up past and ignorant present, “Bewitched” is full of laughs and romance as Will Ferrell and Nicole Kidman take a ride on a broom and make true movie magic. .

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i love this so much!


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